Work From Home – Top 50 Home Based Jobs Options in 2017

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Are you searching for work from home or home based jobs options? Find here a list of 50 specialized home jobs opportunities for your ready reference.

Nowadays, people prefer home based jobs due to several reasons. Basically, work from home jobs allows you to earn money from the comfort of your home. Additionally, one can continue his or her present work with other home jobs involvements.

Also, home based jobs are the best options for the women, moms, and students who have other responsibilities too. And finally, if you want a change from your 9 to 5 job, then also a home job is always a great option.

Here in this article, we intend to provide 50 legitimate home based job opportunities for the aspiring candidates who look for the same. And definitely, you can earn a great amount of cash from these jobs. However, these home jobs demand some sort of specialization and adequate knowledge.

List of 50 Home Based Job Opportunities

#1. Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t demand any specialized knowledge or skill. Additionally, you only need to have a computer with an internet connection.

Basically, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular proven online jobs nowadays. Here, you promote someone else products. And when a customer buys that product you will earn sales commission.

#2. Anchor

Anchoring is a great self-rewarding profession. However, the job demands specific knowledge. Generally, you will need to pursue a degree course in Journalism, communications or English. You can join news channels or you can have tie ups with different event management companies. Basically, these companies often look for good anchors for the events that they organize for their clients.

You can join news channels or you can have tie ups with different event management companies. Basically, these companies often look for good anchors for the events that they organize for their clients.

#3. Apps Developer

Do you know coding? You can become apps developer with some basic knowledge and skill. Actually, this is one of the great evergreen job titles for software developers. Even you don’t have that skill, you can go through online courses to know how to develop an application for mobile.

#4. Babysitter

The demand for the babysitter is increasing very fast in both the developed and developing countries. Even in the small towns and Tier 2 cities, you can find huge demand.

A babysitting job allows you to operate from home even with other job responsibilities. However, you can also take this job as full-time too.

#5. Beauty Salon

Do you want a home based job in the health and beauty industry? Then a home based beauty salon is the perfect opportunity for you. However, you need to know the very well before opening a salon.

You can join online courses or can buy a franchise. Generally, a three months or six months course is perfect for starting a beauty salon at home. Read More…

#6. Blogger

If you enjoy work from home digitally, you can start blogging. Though you can start blogging without any coding skill, in advance level you need to have some basic skill.

There are several online courses you can avail for getting the knowledge. Blogging is the best digital job you can start from home.

#7. Business Consultant

Do you know how to start and operate a business? You can consider becoming a business consultant for start-ups. You can continue the job from home.

Additionally, you can work for the both offline and online clients. There are several websites who offer an online platform for the both consultants and clients.

#8. Candle Making

If you have a craft mind, you can start candle making job from home. Decorative and scented candles have the huge demand in the both domestic and export market. You can sell the candles from marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Additionally, you can consider having a tie up with the local gift shopkeepers.

#9. Career Counsellor

Career counseling is a very prestigious job you can consider starting from home. Basically, every student at a specific point in his or her career looks for a good counselor. Generally, career counseling doesn’t demand any specific degree. However, a professional background of teacher helps the students to get the initial confidence.

#10. Casting Director

Becoming a casting director is a great home based job in the entertainment industry. However, you must have an educational background in the field of acting and film making.

Additionally, making connections will help you move up in your career. Also, it’ll give you the contacts you need to make good casting decisions

#11. Caterer

If you enjoy cooking, then you can consider starting a home based catering. This is one of the best jobs in the food service sector.

Nowadays, people look for a responsible and good caterer for their occasion or get together. You can offer the service to the birthday parties, bachelor parties, and even religious functions.

#12. Choreographer

If you are a creative person, you can consider becoming a choreographer. However, this jobs demands specialized skill and knowledge.

Choreographers typically are seasoned dancers. Generally, they design performances that convey moods and ideas using movement or a particular style of dance in staged performances.

#13. Cleaning Service Provider

If you live in metro cities, you can consider starting a cleaning job from your home. This job doesn’t demand any specific education.

Some of the most potential opportunities are the mobile car wash, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, shoe laundry etc.

#14. Crafts Maker

If you enjoy crafts making, then home based crafts making job is the perfect option for you. Generally, crafts making demands specific skill and craftsmanship. Nowadays, there are several online options where from you can sell your products from home.

#15. Create Designer Bindi

If you live in an area where people look for designer bindis, then you can consider this job. This is also a creative job. Additionally, designer bindi making job ensures a good earning opportunity from home.

#16. Desktop Publisher

From home, you can start desktop publishing job. Nowadays, there are different types of software you can use for DTP. However, this home based job demands specialized skill and experience. Generally, web-based solutions are most popular among the designer.

#17. Digital Marketing Expert

Digital marketing is the most trending and booming sector these days. If you are an expert in digital advertising, you can offer expert service from home. Even, you can have assignments with the clients as a retainership basis.

#18. DJ

DJ stands for Disc Jockey. However, DJs play several roles in different jobs. Some of the most popular DJ jobs are radio jockey, club jockey, wedding jockey etc. And in case, you have to perform different duties and responsibilities. Additionally, DJs pursue their career generally from home.

#19. Dropshipper

Drop shipping is a retail method. Here you don’t keep products in stock. Instead, you partner with a wholesale supplier that stocks its own inventory – you transfer customer orders and shipment details to them, and they ship the goods directly to the customer. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or inventory issues.

#20. Dry Sweets & Namkeen Maker

Dry sweets and Namkeens are delicious snacks items. Additionally, these are very popular among the every age group of people. If you preparing foods for others, you can consider this job from home. Initially, sell the products locally. And then expand the area of operation.

#21. eBay Seller

eBay selling is one of the most enjoying and lucrative home based job for the persons who want to earn money through selling products online. Additionally, the site guides the sellers about what to sell and how to sell on eBay.

#22. eBook Writer

The professional eBook writing service has huge demand. And definitely, eBook writing demands specific technical skill and knowledge. Writers who want to publish eBooks, often look for professional eBook creator. You can work on freelance sites like Upwork or Elance.

#23. Email Marketing Service Provider

Email marketing is a very effective way for selling products online. Therefore, the demand for this type of services is increasing very fast. You can start Email marketing service providing job from home for your clients.

#24. Facebook Ad Consultant

This is an another niche segment in the digital advertising sector. Facebook ads are very effective way of attracting right audience for a product or service. However, it is not easy to become an ad consultant. Before approaching your clients, you must have the clear idea and knowledge.

#25. Fashion Designer

This is a lucrative career in the fashion industry. However, to become a successful fashion designer, you must have a fashion designing degree. However, it is not enough for a designer to be creative. Also, you must have some business sense too.

#26. Financial Advisor

Generally, a financial advisor provides financial advice or guidance to customers for compensation. You can provide this service to the both individual client and corporate clients. However, this business demands immense knowledge along with skills to be successful.

#27. Forex & Stock Market Agent

This is an another lucrative home based job you can start at any moment of time. However, you will need to obtain affiliation from the certified brokers. Here in this job, you can enjoy an unlimited income potential.

#28. Freelance Accountant

Every big or small business needs accountants. If you have an educational background in the commerce stream, then you can consider a freelance accountant job. You can work offline and online both.

#29. Freelance Consultant

Freelance consulting is the most self-rewarding job you can consider as your career. You can provide consultation service on any subject that you are specialized in. There are several websites who provide online platforms for the both consultants and clients.

#30. Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is a wonderful work from home job you can consider both as full-time or part-time. Basically, the job demands creativity and innovation. Also, you can serve both the domestic and corporate clients.

#31. Greeting Card Maker

Greeting card is still a multi million dollar industry. The overall design industry is in the huge development mode. You find a lot of software solutions for creating beautiful designs. Hence, you can start greeting card making job with a computer and internet connection.

#32. Herbel Soap Maker

Homemade herbal soaps have the demand globally. These days, people prefer using herbal soap than normal chemical soap. If you know the soap making trick then fine. Otherwise, you can go through online courses for soap making.

#33. Interior Designer

You must have the specialized educational qualification to become an interior designer. Interior designers determine space requirements and set up decorative items like colors, lighting, and materials so that a room is functional, safe and beautiful. A bachelor’s degree is the baseline academic requirement for most interior designers, and professional licensure or certification is a requirement in many states in order to use the title ‘interior designer’.

#34. Lawn Care Service Provider

If you love gardening, you can consider lawn care service providing job from home. Here, you can provide the service to the both house owners and corporate clients. Some of the most popular niche services are Lawn fertilization, Grub and pest control, Disease management, Lawn renovation and restoration, Aeration, Over-seeding, and slit-seeding.

#35. Makeup Artist

Professional makeup artists are some of the most in-demand artists in the entertainment industry today. If you have an artistic eye, a good sense of color, a love of makeup, and a passion for self-expression, this demanding field may be the right fit for you.

#36. MLM Marketer

MLM marketing is actually direct selling. This is a home based job that provides unlimited income opportunity. However, the job demands highly networking skill to get successful in this career.

#37. Paper Bag Maker

Paper bag making is very easy. And you can start paper bag making with a simple machine. If you have space at your home, you can start paper making job from home. Basically, gift paper bags, customized paper bags have the highest demand.

#38. Pet Walker

If you love pets, are reliable, honest and hard working, and are interested in a career that is both fun and challenging, you’ll want to join the wonderful world of professional pet sitting and dog walking. Broadly, there are two options. First of all, you can join an already established agency or secondly you can open your own pet sitting company.

#39. Rakhi Maker

Rakhi is a seasonal item. However, decorative and creative rakhis fetch lucrative revenue. Additionally, Rakhi making doesn’t demand any prior skill or knowledge.

#40. Real Estate Broker

Real estate is a booming industry worldwide. And a real estate broking job is a potential career opportunity for the aspiring youths. Additionally, you can operate the job as work from home basis. No matter in which state you live, you must take pre-licensing courses. However, state requirements differ greatly.

#41. SEO Consultant

As the digital industry is growing very fast, the demand for qualified SEO consultants is also increasing. Primarily, an SEO consultant is responsible for optimizing the site according to the marketing policy of the client’s. If you don’t have the skill, you can go through online courses on how to become an SEO consultant.

#42. Shopify Seller

Shopify is a world’s renowned company that provides eCommerce solution for the small online sellers. You can also have a Shopify store of your own for selling some specific products online. The solution is very easy and doesn’t need to have any technical skill for running your small eCommerce store.

#43. Soft Toys Maker

Soft toys are very popular among the children. Additionally, soft toys are the great gift items. Making soft toys is an easy task. And you can start soft toys making at home.

#44. Tutor

Tutoring is a noble profession. You can start online tutoring at any day from your home. There are several sites who provide great platforms for the both teachers and students.

#45. Uber Driver

If you live in a metro city, you can consider driver job in Uber. Broadly, there are two options. First of all, you can get a driver job for other’s car. Or you can buy a car of your own and attach the car with Uber.

#46. Videographer

Do you know videography? If yes, you can be a successful videographer in your professional career. However, it is always better to have an educational background in videography. Basically, the technical knowledge and certifications help to win the confidence of the customers.

#47. Web Designer

Web designing is a specialized subject. Additionally, it demands specific knowledge, skill, and experience. You must be a coding expert for this job. Basically, online platforms are the best place to work as a web designer from home.

#48. Wedding Photographer

If you know photography, you can become a wedding photographer by profession. Basically, a good wedding photographer helps to frame the memorable events forever. However, you must have high-quality camera and other accessories for this job.

#49. Writer

Do you enjoy writing is any specific subject? If yes, you can get writing jobs as work from home option. In addition, you can also get writing jobs from the writer’s marketplaces.

#50. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant job profile includes a wide range of services. And definitely, it depends on the specific requirements of the clents. However, this is one of the best home based job for both the women and men.