Health care support industry is creating new job opening day-by-day. Rapid technology up gradation and innovation of new methods and equipment are the major reasons for it. Compared to the main healthcare segment, you will find a wide range of career opportunities in the health care support industry.

Without the cooperation of the health care support professionals, it is not possible to run the healthcare industry smoothly. Without jobs in this sector, we would not have properly functioning hospitals, surgery centers, emergency transport services, laboratories, etc. People that work in the support sector of heath care a responsible for providing and maintaining a sanitary and therapeutic environment in which health care can be appropriately delivered to individuals. Here in this article, we have listed 25 best career opportunities in health care support industry for your ready reference.

List Of 25 Top Health Care Support Career Opportunities & Occupations

#1. Clinical Laboratory Technician

This is one of the most lucrative positions in the health care support industry. Medical laboratory technologists knew as medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians. They collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances.

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#2. Dental Assistant

A dental care assistant supports dental care delivery by preparing treatment room, patient, instruments, and materials; passing instruments and materials; performing procedures in compliance with the dental practice act.

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#3. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonographer profession includes musculoskeletal sonographers, who specialize in creating images of muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints;neuro sonographers, who focus on the nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord; abdominal sonographers, who capture images of the abdominal cavity as well as nearby organs like the kidney, liver and pancreas; and breast sonographers, who capture images of breast tissue that could confirm the presence of cysts and tumors.

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#4. Dietician

Dieticians work in schools, community agencies, colleges, health care facilities, company cafeterias and private practices. With obesity continuing to be a major health problem among both adults and children, these healthcare professionals teach the public to eat better.

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#5. Genetic Counselor

The genetic counseling profession is rapidly expanding and diversifying. Genetic counselors provide a critical service to individuals and families considering undergoing genetic testing by helping them identify their risks for certain disorders, investigate family health history, interpret information and determine if testing is needed.

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#6. Hearing Aid Specialist

This industry is growing very fast. The Bureau of Labor Statistics agrees, projecting strong job growth for hearing aid specialists. The aging population will require hearing devices, as the incidence of hearing loss increases.

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#7. Home Health Aide

Home health aides are very important part of any health care team. Major responsibilities include written documentation of patient care performed, patient’s condition, or problems to be reported to a supervising health care professional.

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#8. Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse

Licensed practical and licensed vocational nurse generally work under a Registered Nurse (RN). They work closely with patients and nursing staff to execute patient care plans. The major responsibilities are cleaning wounds and changing bandages, assisting with bathing, dressing or feeding, monitoring vital signs etc.

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#9. Massage Therapist

Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. With their touch, therapists relieve pain, help rehabilitated injuries, improve circulation, relieve stress, increase relaxation, and aid in the general wellness of clients.

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#10. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants complete administrative and clinical tasks in the offices of physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. Their duties vary with the location, specialty, and size of the practice. While physicians’ offices and hospitals employ the most medical assistants, scientific research and development services and personal care services pay the highest wages.

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#11. Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries perform clerical duties in medical offices. To work as a medical secretary one must have a high school diploma and basic office skills. Formal training to learn medical terminology is also necessary.

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#12. Medical Transcriptionists

Medical transcriptionists listen to voice recordings that physicians and other healthcare professionals make and convert them into written reports. They may also review and edit medical documents created using speech recognition technology. Transcriptionists interpret medical terminology and abbreviations in preparing patients’ medical histories, discharge summaries, and other documents.

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#13. MRI Technologist

MRI stands for magnetic resonance imaging. MRI technologists use strong magnetic fields and radio frequencies to create 3D images of a patient’s body tissues, which physicians then use as an aid to diagnosis. This is one of the most lucrative career options in the health care support industry.

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#14. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists prepare, administer, and measure radioactive isotopes in therapeutic, diagnostic, and tracer studies utilizing a variety of radioisotope equipment. Prepare stock solutions of radioactive materials and calculate doses to be administered by radiologists.

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#15. Occupational Therapy Assistant

An occupational therapy (OT) assistant works under the direction of an occupational therapist to guide patients in prescribed therapeutic activities and exercises, often using specialized equipment, in order to help them achieve or recover their full, independent and healthy lifestyles in spite of injury or disability.

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#16. Ophthalmic Medical Technician

Ophthalmic medical technicians are very important personnel in a health care team. The overall responsibilities of an ophthalmic medical technologist, technician, or assistant vary tremendously depending on the needs and delegation of the ophthalmologist.

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#17. Optician

Opticians work on the front lines of vision care. There is a wide range of requirements placed on opticians by different types of optical employers and it is important for applicants to review the optician job description with each employer prior to signing a contract.

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#18. Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotists and prosthetists help give individuals with missing limbs or with other medical limitations, opportunities for more and easier movement via artificial limbs, braces, and other medical or surgical devices. Orthotist careers and prosthetist careers include interviewing patients, determining their needs, and designing orthopedic and prosthetic devices around physicians’ prescriptions.

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#19. Paramedic

Paramedics render pre-hospital emergency care according to established medical protocols. They perform triage and a variety of emergency medical treatments at the Basic and Advanced Life support level. They provide continuing care and treatment while en route to an emergency medical facility; monitor and report changes in patient condition.

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#20. Pharmacy Aides 

This is one of the best career opportunities in the health care support industry. Generally, they accept prescriptions for filling, gathering and processing necessary information. They also answer telephone inquiries, referring callers to a pharmacist when necessary.

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#21. Phlebotomist

A Phlebotomist serves patients by identifying the best method for retrieving specimens; preparing specimens for laboratory testing; performing screening procedures. Phlebotomist verifies test requisitions by comparing information with nursing station log; bringing discrepancies to the attention of unit personnel.

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#22. Physical Therapist Assistant

Physical therapist assistant education prepares the graduate to perform selected components of intervention and data collection and assess the patient’s/client’s safety and response to the interventions provided under the direction and supervision of the physical therapist in an ethical, legal, safe, and effective manner. Additionally, graduates of PTA programs must be prepared to communicate with other members of the health care delivery team; interact with members of the patient’s/client’s family and caregivers, and work cooperatively with other health care providers.

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#23. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists work with a variety of patients including physically disabled children, pre/post natal women, sportsmen and women, industrial employees, the hospital in and out patients and people within the community. Primary responsibilities include helping patients recover from the accident, illness or injury, and organizing physical exercise sessions. They also provide massage.

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#24. Surgical Technologist

This is one of the most important positions in the health care support industry. Most surgical technologists work as members of a health care team alongside physicians and surgeons, registered nurses and other workers in a hospital. They all wear scrubs while in the operating room, in addition to masks and other preventative shields.

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#25. Veterinary Technologist and Technician

The number of jobs for veterinary technologists and technicians is expected to surge between 2014 and 2024: The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth rate of 19 percent. Veterinary medicine is becoming a more advanced field, and qualified vets, as well as vet techs, are required for the specialized tasks of treating animals in clinics and animal hospitals.

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